AMP 2016 rtMRI Tutorial

The USC-TIMIT Speech Production Database is provided by the Speech Production and Articulation kNowledge Group (SPAN). The database consists of real-time magnetic resonance imaging (rtMRI) videos of five female and five male speakers of American English. There is also electromagnetic articulograph (EMA) data available for four speakers. More information about the database can be found here.

This tutorial was presented  at AMP 2016. The resources presented in the tutorial are now available on this website.

To follow along with the resources presented below, your computer should be  running a recent version of Matlab (2014b and higher). In addition, you will need to download Inspect_rtMRI (a tool for working with rtMRI video), kindly made available via Michael Proctor’s website. Please see the attached documents below for additional resources.

***NEW 10/21/16***

Request USC-TIMIT database access here

Download the USC-TIMIT rtMRI Tutorial slides

Download a MATLAB and Inspect_rtMRI guide

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